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stareternal As usual, these guys keep kicking ass writing great stuff. Catchy. Melodic, Heavy.. And the production is 10/10.. If you like early In Flames with great classy 2 guitar counterpoint riffs .. you will love this album.. \m/ SE Favorite track: Echoes of the Silenced.
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released July 18, 2017

Recorded & mixed at Monolith Studios by Chris Themelco.
Mastered at Panic Room Studios by Thomas Plec Johansson.
Worldwide distribution by HellFire Records Australia.
Art by Janan Isk.

Trigger is:
Tim Leopold - Vocals
Luke Ashley - Guitar
Sean Solley - Guitar
Matt Ambrose - Bass
Tim Joyce - Drums



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Trigger Melbourne, Australia

A fusion of European melody and American aggression - Trigger is an explosive melodic metal band based in Melbourne's west. Influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Trivium; Trigger's twin guitar attack and soaring vocals are powerful while retaining a traditional aesthetic. ... more

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Track Name: Upon the Forge of Hephaestus
A cell is born in mechanical form
Flesh and steel forged in atomic disarray
Entropic signs will determine this life
And build an avatar of immortality
Grown in a vial of ambrosia, defiled
Fabricated out of curiosity
When this infant spews forth to deliver the creed
The master’s child will only disappoint and bleed

The prodigy has risen
The perfect specimen
They marvel at their vision
Destined betrayal

He takes first steps on a journey to accept
That there is nothing more than animosity
Conflict inside almost leaves him confined
In a prison built to hide morality
Mankind will suffer on a pillar built from bone
No god will help the beast that is humanity
His love for this kind, his conscience will divine
As he runs inside to steal the flames of fate

In the hand delivered
These hallowed flames
For the machination
Augment the slaves

Take this flame and run
Burn like the brightest sun
Fall for the rise of man
Condemned to the pain of stone
Bound unto the chains of sorrow
Bound to the stone
Chained there forevermore

Will man survive so uncertain and contrived?
With their saviour left for all eternity
Confined to stone that his masters have bestowed
To teach the lesson that is immortality
On the throne where his entrails overflow
Only scavengers will keep his company
But he finds peace of mind for his subjects will defy
The tyranny of the gods

Torture replays
Until the end of days
Rip through the flesh
Repair and re-engage

Forge our fate
We’ll not remake
The same mistakes
We will remember

Acclaimed and remade in stone
Bound unto our ways, we’ll follow
Bound to the stone
Upon Hephaestus’ forge
Track Name: Dead Sun
We take a step towards our lives
But in the enemy I hide
I’m all alone, nothing to show
Thought I could do this on my own

But now we’re here without my life
Left in the comfort of my mind
But I have found a way around
A way to make it on my own

Will this tame me?
Will I be alive?
Will this shape me?
Will I falter or will I save a life?
Will this plague me?
Will I still keep my mind?
Will I go or will I stay?

I won’t cry for you to stay
The sun won’t rise for you today
This time I say goodbye
Tomorrow come, you won’t be on my mind
So walk away now, walk away

With what I’ve learned, I’m not alone
I’m just a step away from home
The skills to find and ties to bind
I’ll learn to do this with my mind

You’re all alone, you cast your stones
But I have nothing to atone
So go away, I will not play
I’m gonna watch you fade away

I’m sorry that I made
You feel all of this pain
But I won’t fade away
Track Name: Echoes of the Silenced
Breathe it in, breathe it out
Hold the oxygen to shout
The pressure builds within these hateful lungs
But no one hears your pouts

Breathe it out, can't breathe in
Your voice collapsing from within
Your body’s gone too cold to break the silence
Now you’re all alone

As a god I spread my wings
To journey past a thousand suns
I approach the speed of light
When all your whispers reach me

The emptiness can’t hide your soul
Eternity is my path now
In hopes to find your frozen corpse
Before it's too late and you’re gone

Into the void, we'll meet again
Solitude will rear its head
For the echoes of the silenced we will sing
Carve our names amongst the stars
A constellation made of scars
For today we pave our own way
I hold you close, I bring you in
I hear the voices from within
Taunting me to let you go
I’m too late, I was just too slow

But I refuse to let them in
My breathe of life will be your air
A kiss to keep you from the
Emptiness that space will offer

Defy the makers and their ways
They'll never break me
I'll take the gifts that they’ve bestowed
And turn against them

Your voice is now the choice
That I will make when called to answer
We will walk and we will talk for days
And rule together
Track Name: Crowned
You’ve pushed all their lives away
From your thoughts and your fallen grace
You make your pawns to play your game
But they’ll fight, and then they’ll

Find a way to leave their mark
And try to see the gifts in this life
Before it’s their time
And I know you will be the ones
To wear the crown and

Face your sorrow, it’s not so hollow
With the breath inside us we will play
We’ll show them the way
We will not die, we will survive
With all our might, we’ll blow them away

You’ve touched all their fading souls
To fill up your endless hole
But you’re losing the very spark
That made you

I reach for your hand, my darling
I reach into the sun
Shadows cast darkness remains
And bleeds into my heart

Face your sorrow, it’s not so hollow
With the breath inside us we will play
We’ll show them the way
We will not die, we will survive
With all our might, we’ll blow them away
Track Name: Tethered to the Tide
Calm are the winds on the shore in morning
Soothing sounds have filled his dreams
He wakes to his family calling
“Daddy, will you feed us please?”

A house with a wife and a daughter
Gives this man a will to be
He smiles as he waves goodbye then
Walks to the docks to stake his claim

Approaching the ship he sees a good omen to set his sails
The northern winds are blowing strong to make them cross the vale
Their vessel speeds towards the great unknown
All thoughts are now of home, the yearning has won

The day will turn to night
The waves will show their might
Condemned, enslaved in the gods domain
Their souls will eternally drink from the ocean

Anchored to the deep
Tethered to the tide
Vision fading, breath cascading
Leviathan, you'll find your way inside

Out on the open sea the sky has turned to darker shades of grey
The morning sun has gone and waves now crash on wood and sail
The bow has split in two - the men are down to few - all hope is gone
The Serpent has won

Inside me, the sea will now bind me
Into the ever night, the abyss will hide me
Writhing in the domain of Jormungandr

Waiting for death to claim us
We face the end of light to watery graves
But we'll fly with the wings of the Valkyrie up to Valhalla
We surrender

Seas will bind me, never to see home
Deep within the mortal coil we're thrown
Darkness claims us, gods will break us
And we'll face the end of days alone

Alone, we are alone and out of sight
Forgotten souls, the depths are now our home
I want to go home
I want to go home
Track Name: The Divide
Rise, rise; change the fate that we have
Time to damn the past
Make way for the sins of sons
Forsake times of old and remake
This world in our image
Take back the life control

The wraith within, the darkened hum
This echo shakes the world undone
Signs of faith but all for none
As the beast rips into them
They will run

So when it’s tamed and when it’s sung
And it seems like it’s all won
Stand with pride
Face the divide

We’ll survive all these broken mirrors
Reflect all the pain from yesterday
We will take back oblivion
Take back oblivion

Break, break the chains that hold us in this cell
Now find the mask to wear for the pretty ones
Up, down, made from heaven and hell
Born to walk the path away from the chosen sons

As we brace for the time where we unleash hell
A hero will rise to oppose our demonic forces
But we are the devils that ride on the wings of angels
Ancient eternal and foretold

As he faces the horde, he finds what he’s looking for
All the demons inside will find his mind
Behold all his secrets to know and to trap him forevermore
We’ll find the time to rule the divide
To rule the divide

We’ll survive all these broken mirrors
Reflect all the pain from yesterday
We will take back oblivion
We’ll divide all these broken dreams that infect
All the shame from yesterday
We will take back oblivion
Take back oblivion
Track Name: Alexandria
The story ends; it ends before it begins
The final hour of our golden age
A loss to all; we watch this citadel burn
Our potential to be something more

Left on our own, we will excel or we’ll fail
To reach our goals, will we take the pain?
We ascend beyond adversity, we'll rise again
To claim our…

Place beyond the stars
The gods have destroyed all we've built
Our sanctuary of knowledge
Your pages will burn throughout time
Embers left for all mankind

Stone laid to waste; a place of academia
Removed to crush our search for truth
This oppression will not define our end of days
We will rebuild and find ourselves within

Wipe the ashes from your face
Use these hands of cinder to make
A place in history to call your own
Defy your nature to save all you've learnt

Vae Victus Vouchsafe
Yield to the flames
Your kind will obey
Track Name: DeluZion
Pride cometh ‘fore the fall

Arrogance, Ignorance, your ego grows
And now I want to see the tumour cut out
I find that you're pedigree's a tragedy
Thinking that you’re better than
A peasants dreams... Really? Please
I'm thinking if you'd follow me
Reality would change for thee
And afterwards I'll walk you home

Blessed be thee whom bears my sight
Thou beseech me for my time
Is this the path that seals your fate?
Will you learn from your mistakes?
Blessed be thee whom bears my sight
Open thine own eyes
Break the shackles that hold you safe
Burn the blindfold of insanity

Come conclusion, your demon has won
Trapped inside delusions of grandeur
Lift the veil or lose it all
For your…

Pride cometh ‘fore the fall

Seeds planted in your field of dreams have made you think that
You're a king, a gift to see, the God to be, but not to me
Trauma of a kid I see made you believe the world is mean
With no reprieve, no love for thee, ashamed to be
Left naked in the cold abyss, no-one will miss your mothers kiss
So you will take your flames of pain and run away

To forge a man without a heart to guide his soul through darker times
A tyrant’s born to conquer all he hates

Come conclusion, your demon has won
Trapped inside delusions of grandeur
Lift the veil or lose it all

Remove the mask that your hatred has cast
Reveal your inner disaster
Take the leap control the fall for your pride

Fueled by hate
It’s your forge
Tempered shape
Make the choice to be something more
Track Name: Dysphoria
Hello, can you hear me? Can you see my demons now?
Do they haunt you when I scream? When the shadows seek you out
Don’t convince me that your world is all good now
‘Cause your tears burn just like fire and I’m scared of your desire

I seek an answer for my lies
Don’t look inside; there’s nothing to find
I fake this happiness and

Smile with jaded eyes
Walk away
Feel my anger rise
Here to stay
Walking the cold, I’m a man with two souls
One too old, one too free
Confusing I’m told, but in my heart I know what it means
What I mean

Yes, I know just what you mean
Set in concrete that will bleed
My mind will burn the earth

Contradicting; what’s so cold yet filled with fire?
Pierced the soul and changed my life and the architect of my
Own destruction, revolution has become
A concept worth believing until the truth reveals itself

When you are sleeping you are never alone
Watching you weeping on your broken throne
But inside your mind you are stripped to the bone

Deceiver believing that your mind has grown
You’re taking the constructs to levels unknown
But you are the heart that unravels the throne

Burnt; all that remains is the hearth of my home now
My fortitude has gone, the soul is too sad to shout
Are we feeling like the kings that we’ve become?
Have the demons taken us in?
Have demons blanked our doubt?

I seek an answer for my lies
Don’t look inside; these memories are mine
You’re left in your mind with nothing to find
Track Name: Veins of Ambrosia
In one hand I hold your heart
The other holds a feather
I weigh the deeds you’ve done
And let the scales decide your fate

My judgment not cruel nor kind
Just fair based on your life
If tipped into your favour
You will find eternal joy

If tipped the other way
Only sorrow and dismay
Hell will illuminate and
Manifest before your eyes

Psychopomp, I plead
I’m in my time of need
Give me one more chance
Show mercy


I am judge and jury
This life is now forfeit
Will be met with fury

Descend to the abyss
Underworld awaits you
Traversing the river
To the realm of Osiris

You’ve run aground
Now bound to the shores of the dead
With heavy heart
Forget the life you once held so dear
Commit your soul to shade
A shadow of the infinite
Don’t waste my time
Just fall in line and praise the Nephilim

Ichor fills my veins, inside it kills
Remove this mortal coil
Instill this madness in which I bathe
This tyranny inside consuming me
Oh Gods deliver me
From these veins of ambrosia

Pull you down with fervor
Strip away your ego
We will not sanction this
Defiance of our will

Only pain awaits you
Rip the flesh from bone
For all eternity
You can’t be saved by Osiris

Carve your sins into limestone
Ink your ills and forget your name
Your heart weighs heavy with avarice
Now descend beneath this mortal plane

No mouth left for you to scream from
No eyes from which you will see
No hands with which you will feel
Your way through this harrowing infinity

Become one with accursed souls
Upon a tapestry of papyrus
There’s no escaping the profaned realm of Osiris